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Association for the promotion of data management and the optimized use of technologies


Webinar - The core of TRUSTS: Innovating European data markets through trust, security, and federation

4 November 2020

The consortium partners DIO, SWC, IDSA, Forthnet, G1, KU Leuven, and Fraunhofer FIT got together for the first part of the webinar series and introduced the central aspects of the project and explained how it relates to the European Data Strategy.


TRUSTS - Privacy Preserving Analytics and Quantum Computing

16 October 2020

If we talk about data analytics and quantum computing one of the first buzz words coming to our mind are privacy and data security. Usually cryptographic methods form the basis of secure systems and guarantee that our data is safe. In the webinar Privacy Preserving Analytics and Quantum Computing, Roman Walch, Matthias Böhm and Andreas Trügler from the Know-Center, Austria, explain cryptography, federated learning and quantum computing in more detail. Also in the related TRUSTS research project several of these methods play a key role.


TRUSTS: Innovating European data markets through trust, security, and federation

Hanover / Vienna – September 7, 2020

The EU Commission initiates a pan-European solution for data-related issues of the future – Data Intelligence Offensive acts as Communication & Dissemination Lead.

Data sharing shapes the economic and societal future of Europe and bears huge potentials, but also comes with risks and apprehensions. The EU project TRUSTS - Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space was established to identify and overcome legal, ethical, and technical challenges of cross-border data markets.


Open data markets are crucial for coping with COVID-19. General public must support data use for pandemic management

June 4, 2020

The success of a sustainable COVID-19 pandemic management depends crucially on the collection and evaluation of data. Factors such as responsibility, transparency and the willingness to strengthen democracy play a central role here. The association “Data Intelligence Offensive” (DIO) acts as an interface between data specialists, data suppliers and decision makers.