Energy Report magazine: GDH Data Space Energy Transition as a data basis for sustainable energy management

Billions of data are generated and collected by organizations every day and the companies in the energy industry are not an exception. The problem is that this is usually done in isolated data silos to which no one else has access. While the value of data as an economic asset is well known, shared use is viewed skeptically, and technical and legal challenges play a major role. This inhibits the emergence of innovative service offerings and automated organizational processes. At the same time, climate-related challenges make it imperative to find a sustainable way into the energy transition. As a strong networking platform with over 180 stakeholders, the Green Data Hub invites all organizations along the data value chain to work together in order to drive the energy transition forward. Jointly with economic, research and business development partners, sustainable use cases are developed within our Data Spaces, which simultaneously contribute to the environmental protection and create business value.

The recent „Energie Report“ Magazine, November edition, discussed the current challenges of the companies in the energy sector and presented the network of the Green Data Hub and DIO- the Data Intelligence Offensive, as the „data basis for the energy transition“. Particularly exciting is the description of concrete use cases that have already emerged from the Green Data Hub and which provide insights into how a data service ecosystem works in the energy sector.

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