Are you interested in current developments in the world of data?

We invite you to join our working groups, Data Spaces and Use Cases:

Working groups

Working groups enable the exchange of different experts on relevant topics within a cross-cutting theme such as “data and law”. They are the starting point for a discussion on data-specific hurdles and challenges and can lay the foundation for the emergence of a new data space.

We invite you to participate in the working groups (among others): Data and Law, Starting-Up: Founding in the Data Market, Secure, Resilient & Trustworthy AI

Data Spaces

Data spaces contain a certain, specific domain, such as the topic of “health”. In such a data room, experts exchange information about subject-specific challenges and generate use cases to find solutions to existing problems.

We invite you to participate in our Data Spaces, e.g. in trade, agriculture and forestry, tourism

Use Cases

Use cases implement a concrete data exchange in a specific application area. They are assigned to a specific domain and once again describe a sub-area. Within a use case, added value is identified, hurdles are removed and demonstrators are created. Use cases can also be integrated in several data spaces.

We invite you to participate in our use cases: Road safety, persons with reduced mobility, energy industry …

Why is DIO needed? The data economy needs enablers!

The data economy can only develop with the help of a community!
The key resource for the success of companies is data. The volume of data generated grows from year to year, but is often not used for relevant decisions. Reasons for this include the heavy distribution and question segmentation of data, lack of resources, lack of interconnectivity of already established data infrastructures, or simply inexperience or great respect for this important topic.
This is where we – together with you – take countermeasures.

Where is the Austrian data economy heading?

Austria’s digital economy is an international pioneer in the intelligent use of data. It can handle large amounts of data for the benefit of all an form a new type of marketplace with data providers an data seekers while complying with data protection.

We introduce the DIO network – use it too!

DIO cooperates with these international competence providers

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