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Creating the future of Data Spaces in Europe

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How to launch human-centric, decentralised and sustainable functional Data Spaces in education and further industries?

20 building blocks, 38 international partners, 30 use cases, € 23m in funding, and hundreds of ideas: Prometheus-X enters the next level in creating Data Spaces.

As the world is entering a complex transition, intertwining environmental challenges, energy transition, demographic  expansion, digitalization and fast technological advances in AI and robotics, we need to improve the education of new  generations and the training and upskilling of the workforce at large scale.  

We are currently experiencing an increase in the need for training, career changes and professional development. Figures  from a recent McKinsey study on the future of work in Europe show that more than 94 million people in Europe will need to  learn new skills due to the adoption of automation in various sectors.

The objective of this project is to develop and deploy a cloud to edge infrastructure for educations and skills capable of connecting services and data, enabeling decentralised data sharing and to make this data space ecosystem accessible to all.

Funded project of the EU

This project is aligned with the Digital Europe Programme which is investing 7+ billion euros to allow the European Union,  its member states, organisations and citizens to have data sovereignty thanks to an innovative and decentralised data  infrastructure; manifested through the European common data spaces and the SIMPL smart middleware platform.  

This project aims to create innovative building blocks that will enable this decentralised infrastructure. It also helps  finance sectoral use cases to apply those building blocks to solve real issues organisations and people are facing so as to  ensure their value and adoption. This funding is needed as organisations will not finance this innovation on their own,  especially in the education and skills sector that is largely composed of public actors and SMEs.

The European Commission is funding the data spaces and infrastructure construction through the Digital Europe Programme.

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