Data Steward School 2022 – DIO online lecture: Data Stewards and Data Service Ecosystems

The third edition of the Data Steward School (DSS) took place in Warsaw, Poland and ran from September to November 2022. It involved a total of over 80 hours of lectures and workshops led by specialists in their respective disciplines. This year the school was organized together with DIO. Participants included scientists and research administrators from a broad number of Polish research institutions, who will continue to build the Polish data stewardship network.

Insights of the Data Service Ecosystems in Europe

On Friday 18th of November 2022, we had the honor to host an interactive online session for the graduating new Data Stewards. During the session Stephan Dietrich, Data Steward at DIO, shared insights of the emerging data service ecosystems in Europe, presented best practices of Data Spaces in Austria as well as light house projects in Europe. Requirements, terminologies, and enablers for Data Spaces where highlighted; especially concerning data governance, standards, legal topics, business models/values, use case ideation & design thinking as well as sustainability impacts of data (Learn more: Data4sustainability/Green Data Hub).

Frameworks, Data Space Solutions & Processes

Regarding technical possibilities, the leading European initiatives & frameworks, Data Space solutions as well as processes were presented. Our deep dive in demonstrating the advances that are currently taking place in Europe had a lasting impact. Stephan Dietrich shared from his own experience the new and diverse responsibility that Data Stewards play in data service ecosystems a long side Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts etc. Participants showed much interest in topics concerning data governance in decentralized systems as well as data maturity models best practices from the industry.

We hope we inspired and gave the students an understanding of the bright outlook ahead of them as new Data Stewards. We are very much welcoming them in the Data Steward community in Europe and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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