Gaia-X Hackathon #3 – Code Gaia-X into the Future!

Take on the challenge! Join the Developer Community – Code Gaia-X into the Future!

Hackathon #3 will focus on Self-Descriptions, Verifiable Credentials and Identity Management. Additionally, sessions addressing the Eclipse Dataspace Connector, bootstrapping of a Gaia-X compliant provider and application deployment on Gaia-X compliant infrastructures are planned. Furthermore, a newcomer session will be provided.

Overview of Hackathon Tracks

Track #1 | Newcomer & General Track
Track #2 | Service & Tool Support Track
Track #3 | Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS)
Track #4 | Onboarding Processes for Gaia-X Participants (ACME)
Track #5 | Eclipse Dataspace Connector
Track #6 | Deployment / Minimal Viable Gaia-X

More detailed info and agenda here.

This event is a combined organisational effort by the Gaia-X Association, with the MVG group and eco.

Stay tuned for the participation link, which will be received by 25 March after your registration.


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