Success in a technology-based world: interactive e-learning with SAS


DIO sponsor SAS offers a wealth of training, webinars, and blended learning programs. You can find some examples listed here. Gain skills that will help you fill some of today’s most in-demand positions, such as data scientist or business analyst. For the full SAS training program, visit the SAS-website.

Free Online Training

Data Literacy Essentials

The ability to understand and work with data is becoming increasingly important in both your professional and personal life. Boost your knowledge now and take our new online course!


How do I communicate my machine learning results? 5 Tips for the Data Scientist.

Learn in this webinar how to create „aha experiences“ with business users with your presentation and communication of analytical results. – On-demand & free of charge

Blended Learning

Analytics Value Training

In Analytics Value Training, experts use real cases to teach you cutting-edge analytics skills: Methods, Business Value and Communication. In 10 online training days within one year, the focus is on creating a mindset for analytics. Using real case studies, you will learn hands-on from industry experts. Theory alternates with hands-on sessions and discussion rounds with experts and other participants. The training is technology agnostic. SAS tool training is optionally available as needed.

Online Academy

30 days free trial: SAS® Academy for Data Science

The demand for bright minds in the analytical environment is unbroken. Qualify as a Data Scientist and make yourself indispensable in your company. The SAS Academy for Data Science now comes with a new concept, brand new topics and further certifications. The SAS Academy for Data Science includes:

  • Three separately bookable modules: Data Curation, Advanced Analytics and AI & Machine Learning
  • SAS, R, Python, Pig, Hive and Hadoop
  • a total of 18 online courses
  • 8 certification vouchers
  • 150 hours cloud software access
  • Exercises with real case studies
  • Support from an exclusive community

On-demand Webinar

The Data Scientist Learning Journey: Ethics in Data Science

The development and use of AI requires ethical standards. These are the topics of the webinar:

  • What questions should Data Scientists ask themselves about ethics?
  • What does responsible AI really mean?
  • Good practices across the analytics lifecycle and how we can follow them.

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