Transform Your Vision into Reality with Gaia-X: Building the Future of Data Space

You want to be #GaiaX Lighthouse Project or a Gaia-X Lighthouse #DataSpace Initiative?

Gaia-X helps you to achieve this!

Just this week the the new Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud (AISBL) Endorsement Programme has been launched as a strategic initiative to support adoption by engaging and supporting data space initiatives to meet fundamental Gaia-X mission objectives and principles, based on verifable criteria.

This is a very important step for Gaia-X, European data spaces, and digital service ecosystems from all domains. The new endorsement programme now offers a systematic approach to fostering the growth of data space initiatives and adherence to the Gaia-X framework and the Gaia-X Policy and Conformity rules. The programme recognizes and supports projects that seek endorsement in meeting specific criteria to achieve a high level of quality, compliance, and maturity in Gaia-X implementation.


  • The programme aims to ensure that products, business models, and services created align with Gaia-X vision and goals.
  • The programme enables interactions to ensure that the development and operationalisation of Gaia-X framework components and necessary technologies address concrete business needs, are practically feasible, useable, and are in line with market demand.

There are now four levels of endorsement:

  • Endorsement letter
  • Qualified project
  • Lighthouse project
  • Lighthouse data space

Outlined by the programme are the processes, benefits, requirements, and expected contributions for each endorsement level.Furthermore, each level is designed to reflect Gaia-X adoption and compliance level, as well as the project maturity in accordance with the development stages defined by the Data Spaces Support Centre Glossary. We recommend each initiative to carefully study the criteria and the benefits here:

And if you are aiming to achieve these goals Gaia-x very much recommends you to reach out to them as they support many initiatives and builders out there with our knowledge, technology stack, and manifold experiences across domains.

Gaia-X helps you to build your future #dataeconomy lighthouse. They strongly believe this new initiative is a game changer for the ecosystem and will guide many new and „old“ projects towards best-practices, help with orientation, de-risking of investments and – most important of all – foster the creation of scalable and interoperable ecosystems that drive your data-driven business models

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