Gaia-X: Vision and Strategy

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The Gaia-X Association publishes its comprehensive vision and strategy document at the end of 2021, written by CEO Francesco Bonfiglio. The publication is another important step towards fulfilling Gaia-X’s promise to advocate for a fair and competitive data ecosystem in Europe.

“Innovative data infrastructure is here, and we are excited to share the organisation’s vision and strategy statement,” remarked Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X. “Gaia-X is actively devising and deploying a data infrastructure ecosystem that is open, transparent, and sovereign. Principles of fairness, independence, inclusiveness, and decentralised access are fundamental, and our proposals will have positive, long-lasting effects on data infrastructure technology across geographic boundaries,” he added.

The document provides a comprehensive overview of the core elements of the Gaia-X initiative. It addresses the vision and mission of Gaia-X, the Key Questions, the Core Values and the benefits for the different types of stakeholders involved. You will also learn about the project’s mission, scope, key deliverables and strategic plan.

You can download the Vision & Strategy document here.

A press release about the publication can be found on the Gaia-X Association page.

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